Poetry Primarily for Adults

'Walter de la Mare questioned everything, including - or rather above all - the things that everyone round him had become quite sure about. But he rarely or never stayed for an answer. He just went on writing with an unfettered mind unfettered poetry.'
                           Owen Barfield

     (* denotes main texts)

*Poems, Murray, 1906

*The Listeners, Constable, 1912; Holt, 1916

The Old Men, Flying Fame, 1913

The Sunken Garden, Beaumont Press, 1917

*Motley, Constable, 1918; Holt, 1918; Folio Society (with an introduction by Giles de la Mare), 1991

*Flora, illustrated by Pamela Bianco, Heinemann, 1919

Poems 1901 to 1918, two volumes, Constable, 1920; published as Collected Poems 1901 to 1918, two volumes, Holt, 1920

*The Veil, Constable, 1921; Holt, 1922

Thus Her Tale: A Poem, illustrated by William Ogilvie, Porpoise Press, 1923

A Ballad of Christmas, Selwyn and Blount, 1924

The Hostage, Selwyn and Blount, 1925

Walter de la Mare, edited by Edward Thompson, Benn, 1926

Alone, wood engravings by Blair Hughes-Stanton, Faber & Gwyer, 1927

Selected Poems, Holt, 1927

The Captive and Other Poems, Bowling Green Press, 1928

Self to Self, Faber, 1928

A Snowdrop, illustrated by Claudia Guercio, Faber, 1929

News, illustrated by Barnett Freedman, Faber, 1930

To Lucy, illustrated by Albert Rutherston, Faber, 1931

The Sunken Garden and Other Verses, Birmingham School of Printing, 1931

*The Fleeting, Constable, 1933; Knopf, 1933

Poems 1919 to 1934, Constable, 1935; Holt, 1936

Poems, Corvinus Press, 1937

*Memory, Constable, 1938

Haunted: A Poem, Linden Press, 1939

*Collected Poems, Holt, 1941

*Collected Poems, Faber, 1942; revised and enlarged edition, 1979

Time Passes and Other Poems, edited by Anne Ridler, Faber, 1942

*The Burning Glass (including 'The Traveller'), Viking Press, 1945 (October); illustrated by John Piper, (not including 'The Traveller'), Faber, 1945 (November)

*The Traveller, Faber, 1946

Two Poems: Pride, The Truth of Things, Dropmore Press, 1946

*Inward Companion, Faber, 1950

*Winged Chariot, Faber, 1951

*Winged Chariot and Other Poems, Viking Press, 1951

*O Lovely England, Faber, 1953; Hyperion, 1979

The Winnowing Dream, illustrated by Robin Jacques, Faber, 1954

*Selected Poems, edited by R.N. Armytage, 1954

The Morrow, privately printed, 1955

Collected Poems
, illustrated by B. Wolpe, Faber, 1961

*A Choice of de la Mare's Verse
, edited, and with an introduction by W.H. Auden, Faber, 1963

Walter de la Mare
, edited by John Hadfield, Vista Books, 1962

, privately printed, 1965

*Complete Poems
, edited by Leonard Clark & Giles de la Mare, Faber, 1969

*Complete Poems
, revised edited by Giles de la Mare, Faber, 1975

*Collected Poems of Walter de la Mare
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Motley and Other Poems, with introduction by Giles de la Mare, Folio Society, 1991

*Selected Poems, edited  by Matthew Sweeney, Faber, 2006