Poetry Primarily for Children

'As a revelation of the wonders of the English language, de la Mare's poems for children are quite unrivalled.'
                                                                                                                                                                                     W. H. Auden

(* denotes main texts)

*Songs of Childhood, Longman, 1902 (under the name of Walter Ramal); Longman, 1916; new edition published as Songs as Childhood, illustrated by Estella Canziani, 1923; illustrated by Marion Rivers-Moore, Faber, 1956

A Child's Day, illustrated by Carine Cadby and Will Cadby, Constable, 1912; illustrated by Winifred Bromhall, Holt, 1923

*Peacock Pie, Constable, 1913, illustrated by W. Heath Robinson, 1916; illustrated by Jocelyn Crow, Holt, 1936; illustrated by Edward Ardizzone, Faber, 1946; illustrated by Barbara Cooney, Knopf, 1961; revised edition, Faber, 1969 and in Faber Children's Classics, 2001

Down-Adown-Derry, illustrated by Lathrop, Constable, 1922; Holt, 1922

Stuff and Nonsense, woodcuts by Bold, Constable, 1927; revised edition, Faber, 1946; illustrated by Margaret Wolpe, Faber, 1957

Poems for Children, Constable, 1930

This Year: Next Year, illustrated by Harold Jones, London, Faber, 1937

*Bells and Grass: A Book of Rhymes, illustrated by F. Rowland Emett, Faber, 1941; illustrated by Lathrop, Viking, 1942

*Collected Rhymes and Verses, illustrated by Berthold Wolpe, Faber, 1944; revised and enlarged edition, illustrated by Errol Le Cain, Faber, 1969

Rhymes and Verses: Collected Poems for Children, illustrated by Elinore Blaisdell, Holt, 1947

Selected Stories and Verses, edited by Eleanor Graham, Penguin, 1952

Poems, edited by Eleanor Graham, illustrated by Margery Gill, Penguin, 1962

The Voice: A Sequence of Poems, edited and illustrated by Catherine Brighton, Faber, 1986, Delacorte, 1987