Collections of de la Mare's Works
               - Complied by Giles de la Mare -

Collections of de la Mare Works

- Manuscripts

- Letters

- Recordings

Manuscripts and Letters

Location Registe
r of 20th Century English Literary MSS and Letters, 2 vols., British Library, 1988

Bodleian Library, Oxford: main collection of MSS and papers (including 700 letters from WdlM to Richard de la Mare)

British Library: MSS, including Society of Authors and Eleanor Farjeon correspondence

University Library, Cambridge: Phyllis Davies collection of some 300 WdlM publications (donated 1998)

King's College, Cambridge: MSS

Rylands Library, University of Manchester: letters (Alison Uttley)

Edinburgh University Library: MSS

National Library of Scotland: MSS

University of Reading: Constable (publisher) correspondence

Britten Foundation, Aldeburgh: Armstrong Gibbs papers

Samuel Paley Library: MSS

Temple University Libraries, Rare Book Department (U.S.A): MSS

University of Chicago Library (U.S.A): MSS

Syracuse University Library (U.S.A): MSS

New York Public Library (U.S.A): letters, Berg Collection, MS Room

Harry Ransom Humanities Research Foundation, University of Texas, Austin, Texas (U.S.A): MSS and letters (Naomi Royde-Smith: see Sotheby's major sales below)

Reform Club: full collection of de la Mare publications, donated by Russell Burlingham

Jimmy Kanga collection of publications

Miss Charlotte Mitchell: about 50 letters from WdlM (in 1987)

Mrs E. Jessop Price: about 30 letters from WdlM (in 1989)

Penny Ely (Ivor Gurney Trustee): letters from WdlM to John Haines (poet)

Bromley Borough Library: collection of books and (?) MSS

Mildred Bozman: about 40 letters from WdlM (donated to Walter de la Mare Society, 2002)

Sotheby's major sales:

    13 July 1966: MSS and about 900 letters from WdlM to Naomi Royde-Smith

    21 February 1978: 204 letters to H.C. Duffin

    29 June 1982: 95 letters to Society of Authors (1952-3)

    22 July 1983: 260 letters to Society of Authors (1922-51)

    22 July 1988: 80 letters to Cynthia Asquith.

    Christie's major sales:

    2 December 2004: 48 letters to Dorothy Baker (1943-56)

    Dates unknown:

    Collections of Books and MSS owned by (a) Leonard Clark and (b) R.N. Green-Armytage (whose 400 or so letters to WdlM are in the Bodleian)


De la Mare Family
Archive, now in Bodleian Library

National Sound Archive*

BBC Archives: recordings* (sub-section below)

* In 1982, the BBC possessed the following recordings in their Archive Library, of which they were intending to deposit copies with the British Institute of Recorded Sound for research purposes:

1. Walter de la Mare reading his poems 'Memory', 'Thomas Hardy', 'To Katherine Mansfield', 'Sotto Voce', 'The Birthnight', 'Away' and 'A Child Asleep' on 6 May 1953 (ref. KA/18889-91)

2. Walter de la Mare reading his poems 'England' and 'The Little Salarnander1 on 5 November 1953 (ref. KA/19985)

3. Walter de la Mare reading his story 'The Riddle' on 5 November 1953 (ref. KR/i 9985-6)

4. Walter de la Mare reading his story 'Bad Company' on 19 January 1954 (ref. KF/MT20258-60)

5. Walter de la Mare reading Thomas Hardy's poem 'Afterwards' on 6 May 1954 (ref. KB/MP21722)

6. Walter de la Mare speakjng in 'Here's Wishing ... a Christmas and New Year Message' on 26 December 1936 (ref. 13335-6)

7. Walter de la Mare speaking about his memories in 'Portrait of Forrest Reid', produced by J. Boyd, on 25 January 1952 (ref. FA/T17402-3)

8. Walter de la Mare speaking in 'Experience of Age', a symposium by octogenarians on 19 November 1952 (ref. AF/MT1 8629-30)

9. Walter de la Mare speaking in 'Reminiscences of Thomas Hardy', date not known (ref.AA/MT21770)

10. Walter de la Mare speaking in 'Portrait of Thomas Hardy by his Friends' on 19 February 1955 (ref. AF/IP23028)

11. Walter de la Mare telling a story and talking about tricks of time and memory in an interview on 18 April 1956 (ref. AC/2301 1-2)