The Walter de la Mare Society

 - Hon. President: Professor John Bayley -

 - Hon. Secretary and Treasurer: Frances Guthrie -

 - Editor of Magazine: Dr Joe Griffiths -

Inspired by a surge of interest in Walter de la Mare's work after a conference on his short stories organised by King's College, London, critical acclaim for the publication by Giles de la Mare Publishers of Walter de la Mare: Short Stories 1895-1926, a group of critics and aficionados formed a society to honour the memory of Walter de la Mare in 1997 with the following aims in mind:

* To honour the memory of Walter de la Mare

* To promote the study and deepen the appreciation of his works

* To widen the readership of his works, especially by introducing them to new generations of readers

* To facilitate research by making available the widest range of contacts and also information about Walter de la Mare relating both to his life and to his publications and his manuscripts, and to published and unpublished material connected with him in Britain and elsewhere