1873 Born at Charlton (Kent, England) on 25 April.
1883 Attended St. Paul's Cathedral Choir School, London
1890 Began Work for the Anglo-American (Standard) Oil Company in London as a clerk in the department of statistics.
1899 Married Elfrida Ingpen at Battersea; their first child, Florence, was born.
1902 His first book, Songs of Childhood, was published under the name of Walter Ramal.
1904 The publication of his first full-length novel, Henry Brocken.
1905 Received his first assignment as a reviewer (in Bookman).
1906 The publication of his first collection of poetry, Poems.
1908 Left the Anglo-American (Standard) Oil Company to concentrate on writing full-time thanks to the offer of a goverment pension (obtained for him by Henry Newbolt); began reviewing for the Times Literary Supplement.
1910 The Return.
1911 Met Naomi Royde-Smith; awarded The Polignac Prize, Royal Society of Literature Prize.
1912 The Listeners; A Child's Day; included in the anthology Georgian Poetry 1911-1912.
1913 Peacock Pie; met Forrest Reid.
1915 Death of Rupert Brooke.
1916 His first visit to America (lecture and reading tour).
1917 Death of Edward Thomas; met Robert Frost.
1918 Motley; met Siegfried Sasson.
1921 Memoirs of a Midget; The Veil and other Poems; stayed with Thomas Hardy at Max Gate.
1922 Down-Adown-Derry; awarded The James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction, for Memoirs of a Midget; met J.M. Barrie.
1923 The Riddle and other Stories; Come Hither.
1924 Ding Dong Bell; declined the offer of a knighthood.
1925 Broomsticks and other tales.
1926 The Connoisseur and other Stories.
1927 Stuff and Nonsense.
1928 Death of Thomas Hardy.
1930 On the Edge; Desert Islands; Poems for Children.
1931 For the second time declined the offer of a knighthood.
1933 The Fleeting; The Lord Fish and other tales.
1935 Early One Morning.
1936 The Wind Blows Over.
1938 Death of Henry Newbolt.
1939 Behold, This Dreamer.
1940 Pleasures and Speculations; moved to South End House, Twickenham.
1941 Bells and Grass: A Book of Ryhmes.
1943 Love; Death of his wife, Elfie.
1945 The Burning Glass.
1946 The Traveller.
1947 Awarded The Carnegie Medal, Library Association, for Collected Stories for Children; death of Forrest Reid.
1948 Made a Companion of Honour.
1950 Inward Companion.
1951 Winged Chariot; awarded honorary degree from Oxford.
1953 O Lovely England; Private View; made a member of the Order of Merit.
1954 Awarded The Foyle Poetry Prize.
1955 A Beginning and other Stories.
1956 Died in Twickenham (Middlesex, England), 22 June; buried at St. Paul's Cathedral, London.