Stories Primarily for Adults

'The world Walter de la Mare fixed in his gaze at once veiled and half-disclosed a realm beyond sense and time. The meaning and the reality of things lie off-centre, off stage. What delights and moves him, what mystifies and disturbs him, derives its beauty and power from the unseen and the unknown. [...] De la Mare has the power to penetrate the surface of things and leave the reader dissatisfied with the opacity of a world seen by less piecing eyes.'

(* denotes main texts)

Walter de la Mare (1873-1956) has always been best known for his poetry, but for many people, W.H. Auden and Graham Greene included, his prose merits comparison with the richness of Henry James and Robert Louis Stevenson. Moreover, Angela Carter notes the resemblance that de la Mare's stories have to the vivid and unsettling intensity of the French Surrealists. Over the years his work has influenced writers from W.H. Auden and William Golding to Russell Hoban and Richard Adams.
Henry Brocken (1904), The Return (1910) and Memoirs of a Midget (1921) are de la Mare's three full-length novels. The main short stories collections from those listed below are The Riddleand Other Stories (1923), Ding Dong Bell (1924), The Connoisseurand Other Stories (1926), On the Edge (1930), The Wind Blows Over (1936), A Beginning and Other Stories (1955) and Walter de la Mare, Short Stories 1895-1926 (1996) and Walter de la Mare, Short Stories 1927-1956 (2000).

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